Food for thought regarding poker game

Get this interesting information about poker to concern while playing in pokerlounge99. All of these facts might change your entire attitude regarding the most popular card game of all times.

Today, the online global web offers us millions of materials about poker. These helpful articles come as step-by-step guides or reviews about the latest websites such as pokerlounge99 where you can gamble and play card games.

On the other side, there are a few texts about curious and interesting food for thought regarding poker game. We mean those facts and curious stories that might not contain strategies and tactics, but instead can inspire and even bring you a new idea for playing style improvement.

This material of ours, though, is going to be such a material. Check out a small piece of the food for thought about poker game you should definitely read and learn.

  • The largest poker win was taken in the 2012th year. The exact amount of the poker win was 18 346 673 of American dollars. This was a prize taken by the poker star Antonio Esfandiari.
  • The first name of poker was poque. However, what’s more curious about this name is the origin. As you can think off, the word sounds a bit French. And it is French. The think is that poker game was invented in the French-speaking New Orleans city.
  • Do you know why so many websites based in Asia include the typical for the continent poker formats that include both – poker and domino elements? It’s not strange actually. A lot of experts in the field claim that poker is a version of the old, but gold domino game.
  • One of the biggest worries typical for the experience poker players is that someone is going to understand their game styles and eventually, will copy it. By all means, any player’s style is a combination of other styles this player has seen and analyzed within the years. Instead of worrying, these concerned players must think about how exactly they formed their styles. Weren’t these styles made of styles typical for other players?
  • It’s common to claim that in poker, your profit amount is related with the amount you, as well as each of the opponents on the table, wager do. All other wins are mostly occasional and by chance, due to circumstances and the chance.
  • In the USA, the most general classification of poker is all poker formats and video poker. Basically, Americans classify poker in correspondence to the opponent type as a factor. As you know, in poker games – like Omaga, Texas Hold Em and etc – you play against other players, while in video poker you play against the computer (or machine if you are in a ground casino).
  • Poker is the casino game that’s mostly popular among the players over their 30s. Here’s one comparison – the younger gamblers prefer slot games, which is why tend to start poker activity with video poker offers, mainly in the internet.


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