Loyalty Programs Targeting Slots Fans

VIP or loyalty programs offer generous rewards points and perks to slots fans

If you’ve ever joined an online platform or visited a physical casino, chances are you probably came across some sort of a VIP or loyalty program. Whether online or physical, gaming venues feature tiered programs to encourage customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs typically target slots players because they generate more revenue compared to other gaming categories. All it takes for gamblers is to swipe their rewards card to collect bonus points based on bets.

Loyalty Points

Players earn points or rewards that can be used as free betting cash. The idea behind this is to encourage users to bet more – the more they wager, the more loyalty points they get. Once they have accumulated a certain amount, players can exchange their points for things like free spins, bonus cash, and various merchandize at select retailers.

How Much You Can Get

This varies by casino, program, and tier but in general, you can expect to get 1 point per certain amount. When playing slots, customers typically get 100 percent loyalty points for their wagers. Roulette, baccarat, and blackjack offer smaller percentages, which is a way for casinos to encourage gamblers to play slots.

What Games to Play

You’ve probably already tried different slots on platforms like https://www.hudsontaylormusic.com/ or 888 Casino and have a good idea of the games they have on offer. The choice of new titles to try is often impressive, with new releases like Eye of the Storm, Tropical Wilds, Joker King, and Luck of Ra. Many platforms offer generous rewards to encourage players to try new game releases and to lure in new customers.

Benefits for Members

Many casinos feature tiered programs, and each tier unlocks more benefits which can be in the form of cash redemption, access to invitation-only tournaments and exclusive events, or new bonus types. By advancing along the program tiers, members also benefit from a better rate for redeeming points for cash and other perks.

Casinos also offer a variety of travel, hotel, and shopping benefits to reward regular players. Rewards can range from increased earning limits and bonuses on express points to extended expiration for express comps and loyalty points. Other benefits include shopping discounts, discounts to select shows, and guaranteed show reservations. Based on tier, members are also offered access to a dedicated VIP host, invitations to entertainment events, and personalized offers. The types of benefits that players can expect to get are based on their recent gaming play and spend.

Note that violation of the program’s terms and conditions, including misuse of an account or member card, misrepresentation, and fraud may result in termination of membership and legal action by the casino or respective authorities. Only customers who are of legal age are allowed to join loyalty programs and play at casinos for that matter.


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