Who plays online bingo ?

Online bingo is a game that has long lasted over the years. It’s has been believed as a game played by elderly ladies at a local club, to play bingo and have some regular gossip.

Bingo is thought to be a game of luck which is easy to play. It costs less and is a great game for an enjoyable evening. But today things have changed drastically, bingo is played all across the globe in the form of both modern bingo halls and online bingo games. There are various players of different race, logging in and enjoying the games.

Online bingo is easier, costs less, faster and exciting- with amazing jackpots, tangible gifts, generous bonuses, best games with fantastic chat rooms to keep every filled with fun and entertainment. Bingo is no longer a game for elderly women but it is played by both women and men.

Over 85% of players play bingo online today and the age limit of players to play is minimum of 18 years. Bingo can now be played by anyone sitting at the comfort of one’s home, whenever one is free. They can also pre-buy the tickets of their favourite games when they are busy and check the result of the game later at their leisure.

But we also found that only 9% of online bingo players were in the age 60’s. So this suggests that now online bingo is also attracting new group of people who are young, and tech-savvy. And now it is time to accept that online bingo is not only for people who get pensions, but also for the youngsters.

There are hundreds of bingo sites around solely in the UK. Among them all, New Look Bingo is the cream of the crop. Why not play here as you can look forward to some amazing offers and promotions for every player.

This online bingo site was launched way back in 2013 and uses Cozy Games software. The site was relaunched this new year with a mesmerizing look. The homepage is treat to our eyes with vivid hues of dark brown and green. Besides the look, they have also changed their welcome offer. Now players are offered £60 when they make a deposit of just £10.

It’s not only women who rules the roost, but even young players today are getting involved in online bingo.

This popular site New Look Bingo has got a lot of amazing slot games. They also have a presence on various social media platforms, and they offer all the players with generous bonuses. So start playing today and be the winner!


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