Win 10 euros daily with our scratch card

A new chance to win 10 euros in cash daily is now given to all registered users for free. If you log in your personal user page you will find a scratch card with 6 boxes available that you can scratch every day and possibly win the daily prize of 10 euros in cash. If you scratch the six boxes and reveal 3 football badges of the same club, you are the winner and 10 euros will be added to your account balance, that you can withdraw to your Paypal, Neteller of Moneybookers (Skrill) account.


The odds

Every member, after completing his/her registration, gain automatically 1 tickets that can be used both for our monthly 50 euro draw and for using his/her scratch card daily. From time to time we offer various ways to increase your number of tickets, something that can affect both the draw (you have more chances to win with more tickets) and the scratch card (you have 1 scratch card per ticket, therefore more chances to win).

Here is how the winning scratch card is selected:
Every day at 00.00, it is randomly decided who the winner of the scratch card will be, depending on the total number of tickets of all registered users. For example a user with 3 tickets has also triple chances to win than a user with 1 ticket. If the user that has been selected to win visits his personal page and uses his/her scratch card-s, he will be the only winner of the card, as he will be the only users with 3 football badges of the same club in his/her card-s. The winner will then be notified with an email about his win and will be asked to select how the payment shall be done – Paypal, Neteller or Moneybookers (Skrill). The money will then be deposited within 24 hours.


Scratch cards can only be used during the day they are created and cannot move on a next day. Therefore it would be best for you to login daily and use your scratch cards, because if you are the winner you will never know if you do not scratch the card that particular day.

So, login or register for a free account if you haven’t done so already, and claim your chances to win 10 euros daily by using your personal scratch card or 50 euros weekly by taking part in monthly draw. All that for FREE.


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