Famous online poker myths we hear about everyday

Here are some myths about pokergalaxy. Find out which the most popular online poker lies are still living out there.

We know all how cool online poker can be. But when something’s cool is surrounded by lots of myths, this coolness is at risk. We believe it’s a must for us to debunk at least some of the online poker myths nowadays. And today, we have focused on the most famous among them. Let’s check them out together, so you can even consider if any of these lies was a part of your conception about poker, too.

  1. It’s a bad luck to make withdrawals after each big poker win. There’s a rule in online poker pro audience, according to which it’s essential not to get all of your income from poker (mainly tournaments) once you receive it. It’s, though, in the sake of the re-investment principle, according to which it’s nice to save at least 35% of your income for playing. However, there’s no back luck in often withdrawals. You can make as many withdrawals from your pokergalaxy account as often as possible.
  2. If you can read your opponents, you will win the game. Indeed, it’s essential to make a guess what each of the players at your table might hold in his or her hand. However, there’s always a small amount of luck regarding what you hold that influence on your outcome in the game, too. It’s a complex game. And everything matters.
  3. If you are a skillful poker player, you cannot lose. Pros lose millions of USD every day. They don’t just hate that fact, but they also reconcile with it. It’s because a pro is aware that this is a myth. It’s a myth that all good players always win.
  4. Bad players should be left for the end of the game if you want to simplify the way to the win. On the contrary, the weaker opponents should be eliminated in the beginning of the poker session. Thus, you will get as close as possible to higher profits.
  5. There’s no reliable enough poker operator that can prove you the fact that online poker is not rigged. Someone once said that online gambling operators are fakes and since then there has been a rumor living out there according to which we will be all cheated in an internet casino. We don’t know what to say about it. Hence, to debunk the myth we must point out at least one fact – nearly 50% of the richest poker players practice the game only in the web.
  6. If you have at least two Aces, then you need to raise. As a matter of fact, there are about three hypothesis when you have to fold with two Aces. The pair, including of Aces doesn’t mean anything, especially in the beginning of the game.

Have you believed in these myths? It’s time to forget about them. There’s nothing true about these poker statements.


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