Top cons of the official online poker regulation in the States

See why so many Americans prefer to login poker99 in a different country. Find out some of the worst parts from the online poker regulations in the States.

American poker lovers could not have played online poker legally until the 2011th year. It’s when the online poker legalization process started. To tell you the truth, the process hasn’t stopped yet. Or at least we hope it hasn’t, because, we believe that there’s more that should be done to make the online poker players not only in a safe environment when gambling, but also feel more comfortable.

Of course, it’s better to know that finally it is possible to play poker in the internet in the States. Legalization in gambling is something we should all appreciate regardless of the concrete country it’s been taking place in. However, specifically in the online poker regulation in the States, we would say there are plenty of cons to mention. Check them out now:

  • This process is too slow and as we have already mentioned it above, there’s much more that should be done. Unfortunately, the gambling agencies in the States seem to prefer patient and gradual work instead of dynamic process, but the players are definitely not in the same opinion.
  • Too many differences of the laws in the different countries. This is due to the federal laws, but for poker players it could be a total hell. Once you get used to the rules of the concrete states and you decide to move to another one, your education starts all over again. It can be very frustrating not only for the less experienced players, but also for the pros who don’t like spending too much time on reading things they generally know.
  • The tournaments in online poker based in the online American platforms are typical for being quite smaller than in any other country. And after all, let’s not forget that this is the charm of a poker tournament in the internet – it’s massive and you compete with many gamblers.
  • The liquidity in tournaments is also smaller in the American online poker events. We would say that this is another con many pros in the field right now hate and prefer to login login poker99 based in a country outside of the States.
  • Speaking of which and due not only to the previous point, but to all the cons of the American online poker regulation slow process the big players prefer to avoid the poker rooms in the country. This is how the level of the audience is reduced on a national basis. Of course, the online casinos will suffer at most from this fact.
  • Last but not least the differences between the state online poker laws are indeed a lot and could be drastic, but the worst is regarding the taxes. There are some American states where the online poker profit taxes are huge.

Do you love playing online poker from your American home? Well, you don’t have to reconcile with all of those regulation cons! You can opt for an account in a different region.  


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